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Giving gifts to the various members of our families can often be difficult when we consider the many forms of adoption (open, closed, domestic, international, transracial, etc.) My favorite non-book choices go almost anywhere, for almost any occasion. These are just a few ideas. Visit our online shop for a wide variety of gift suggestions!

  1. Wonderful Wacky Women
    Artist Suzy Toronto has created a series of drawings and poems, including "she who is an adoptive mother," "she who is my daughter," "she who is a foster mother," "she who is my sister," and many others that make wonderful and decorative gifts, suitable as cards or for framing.
  2. The English American
    English comedian and adoptee Alison Larkin uses her own search and reunion with her American birthmother as the topic of this hysterically funny 70-minute one-woman show. While this is technically listed as an audio book, it's a recording of her live stage presentation (which received a 4-star review from the London Times following its debut in May 2004 on the London theatre scene). Recorded live, some adult language.
  3. Adoption Calendar
    Artist and adoptee Patrick McMahon has created a calendar combining words and images to convey messages appropriate for all connected to adoption, reflecting the many interwoven and complex relationships in our families.
  4. Cherished Wish Charm/Necklace
    This sterling silver charm shows representations of the sun, a heart, and a star to symbolize nature and nurture - birth and adoptive families - combined in the identity of the adoptee. Available as a charm alone or with a chain, it comes with the Cherished Wish poem and is a lovely gift for any member of the Triad.
  5. "Equal Rights in Adoption" Checks
    The brainstorm of Adoption Crossroads, your personal checks can carry the message "Equal Rights in Adoption" below an image of the scales of justice. A great idea for the activist in your family!

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Amy - 6 months ago
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Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to find a gift for me to send a gift to my son who was adopted??? I don't even know where to look anymore! I share a matching tattoo with the adoptive mom, I have sent her mothers day gifts, Adoptive dad as well, they continue to send me pictures, and updates on a very regular basis for the entire almost 6 years! I would like to send a birthday gift to our child for once, and I can't find anything appropriately meaningful!! Any ideas? I'm completely open to suggestions! #1
Emma - 6 months ago
Also check out AdoptedWithLove.com for great gifts. I received the journal before we traveled to adopt our child and now have a wonderful keepsake of all our experiences and thoughts throughout the journey. #2
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